Scaramouche X Sad ReaderScaramouche is Bad at Feelings (Genshin Impact) Scaramouche Being an Asshole (Genshin Impact) Scaramouche is probably a sub lol. Scaramouche looks down at your body that sat on the floor, one side of your cheek red from the slap you received from him. See a recent post on Tumblr from @alatusxiaoo about Scaramouche x reader. New transfer student Y/n L/n comes across The School's heartbreaker, Scaramouche, with his friends La Signora and Tartaglia, known as Childe. and not to say that scaramouche doesn’t hate how openly showy his counterpart is, but it usually works in his favour, because it means …. It's Scaramouche you're talking to! He's friendly, warm, kind, passionate - you'd have no reason not to believe him. 'You better be alive, Y/n' he muttered to himself. You were always tired, you never got a …. But as a mortal and the devoted protector of your village you were too much of a good person, too much of a human compared to him and your. his arms released yours as they roam and wrapped around your body. scaramouche x reader - when you fall asleep. [Genshin Impact] [Scaramouche x Reader] You hate working for the Fatui. how tall is scaramouche in feetSamurai Jack x Shy!Reader. ᎒ Childe was also an actor with Scaramouche, though Scaramouche was more famous because of his distant. "Country Destroyer") or by his alias "Balladeer," is No. He scooted closer to you and raised his hand to your neck. Scaramouche never lied to himself and this was the first time he wanted to. + Scaramouche puts on your fav show/movie and hugs you. One shots: Childe & Scaramouche finding you trying on their mask/hat x GN Reader. You, of course, hated him back. a/n: so i had this idea of who would be the one to ask the other to move in first. Their s/o mastered using any kind of weapon Pairings: Scaramouche, Albedo and Childe x GN!Reader Warnings: None ;) …. ' These were the words you were the most hurt about. Reader is Not Traveler (Genshin Impact) Summary. ᎒ All of them met in a fatui club when they earned their role as harbingers in college. Scaramouche x Oblivious! Fatui! Male reader. Diluc x male reader Angst no comfort <3. includes: scaramouche, kazuha (separate). “You still need to put the bandages on. There may be people surprised but others were already tired. Tho you can’t live like this for long, when that day arrives was also the day. [EDITING] A year after you heard rumors of something happening to your old childhood friend, someone had attempted to kill you. streamer! kazuha, scaramouche, ayato, diluc x online friend! reader. it how will that affect him? warnings: a bit sad [welcome! thank you for the request, . genshin impact genshin impact x reader scaramouche x reader…. kana(@scftmikaa), The mlp phase has returned. ' 'My lord!' Scaramouche flinched and looked up as if he had been dreaming all along. Scaramouche x reader "𝘼 𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙡,. SCARAMOUCHE X HOWL 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️. having secured you in place, his lips made way to your jaw then down to your neck. if he did he’ll tell you “they’re not. You were tired, and didn't need this. 𝐋𝐎𝐒𝐓 𝐇𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐑𝐘 || Scaramo by unluckytrefle. Rather, he's genuinely worried about you. genshin impact genshin impact x reader genshin x reader scaramouche x reader genshin . your face was still damp, from tears or rainwater you weren. Your Older Sister Beidou fanfiction. pairings: platonic older brother!scaramouche x sibling!reader (they/them pronouns, gender neutral) warnings: kind of kidnapping 😭, mentions of blackmail, threats, bullying, its all fluffy and funny though trust me, no yandere scaramouche in the building! a/n: HI RYUUKO!!. (Or you become Scaramouche's assistant in the Fatui and have to survive while working under him. About the game: Characters' and kinks' names are in alphabetical order to facilitate your life. Thank you again for the request as I loved writing this :D. As the title says,this will be a comfort fanfic! i will do any character and for any scenario! for example Chongyun x anxious reader, Scaramouche x insecure reader, or Fischl x sad reader…. You were always tired, you never got a proper rest in a while. Miraculously, you survived the attack but Completed. Scaramouche sneered, "What reason do I have to let a worthless bitch live?" He had everything. a/n: ahoy! it’s been a while i’m so surprised so many people liked my previous post lolllll my simping of the …. Sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes. ” You smiled in sadness, knowing what your ex lover will . Whenever you two were on a mission together you always walked a couple …. Flowers included!🌼= venti x gn! Reader, diluc x gn! Reader , scaramouche x gn! Reader. If they did however, you'd take out your weapon, fusing it with your element. Im gonna be honest there's more childe x reader than scaramouche x reader. pairing: scaramouche x gn! reader. Jun 16, 2021 - What you need to know to get started. You leaving Scaramouche for your new lover. 2 » just some short cunnilingus imagines <3 [cw/tw]: 18+ content, cunnilingus, edging, gentle pussy eating, brief monsterfucking(?) [ft. Scaramouche lets you put your head on his shoulder. don't cry - scaramouche x child!reader (platonic) you were huddled inside the ruins of a house long neglected, knees hugged close to your chest. ૮꒰ ⑅ tokyo teddy bear ⑅ ꒱ა : scaramouche x …. It would take a bit more persuading if he is busy, but he really does want to spend time with you. SUMMARY = (genshin kakegurui au) how are you on a first name basis with his sister when you don't even call your childhood friend by his first name? well, scaramouche is not letting you leave until you say his name. " With 689 notes •scaramouche x reader •kamisato ayato x reader. a/n: i am backu with another scaramouchy headcanon/oneshot with the addition of kazuha cause why the hell not? ain’t nobody gonna stop me, if u no like it’s okay OvO. she lets out a fake sad sigh, looking away from the man's angered gaze. -In the beginning he kept you around for the sole purpose of entertainment. hihi,im sorry for the VERY long wait i have no excuse. probably wont add smut but maybe. samurai jack scaramouche x reader December 10, 2021 Scaramouche is first encountered as the main antagonist of the Unreconciled Stars event. I do read the fanfic which is beautiful it's a work of art! So I recommended read it, but it is female reader. Scaramouche or Kunikuzushi is a character in Genshin Impact. He simply just didn't want to accept the small chances of finding you. Her presence was felt the moment she entered the world. ⋆⁺ synopsis — Scaramouche, the person who tripped you on purpose just to see your despair expression on your face, …. Wow a beautiful story of a girl getting added to a group chat and roasting the fuck out of a 5'4 man. He scooped you up in his arms, and walked into your bedroom where the closet sat. 6 of the Fatui's Eleven Harbingers. You knew committing to a relationship with Scaramouche would be no easy task …. outside, the seemingly endless storms of yashiori island raged on, every clap of thunder causing you to flinch and shut your eyes tight. Diluc, unlike some of the other yans, doesn't see your mental illnesses as a weakness, or an opportunity. the world in a sad brown colour instead of the pretty white you'd …. but seriously mihoyo please release him so i can be free T^T. Scaramouche<3 the first time he saw you he had to double take when he saw that you did in fact have cat like features makes fun of them sometimes like when you get excited and you ears perk up or your tail sways loves to stare into your eyes because their really pretty like a real cats eyes an if you point it out he will tell you to shut up. But he tried not to care any more and repeated it to himself. * 'Have you taken a look around in that cave too?' 'I haven't but I can go if…' 'Stay. samurai jack scaramouche x reader. December 10, 2021 Scaramouche is first encountered as the main antagonist of the Unreconciled Stars event. Caught (Scaramouche x Reader) I got you! ♥ Caught Scaramouche x Reader [[MORE]]It wasn't like you had expected for it to happen but there . Originally posted by onelittleninja. Discover more posts about genshin impact x reader, genshin x reader, venti x reader, aether x reader, albedo x reader, gorou x reader, and Scaramouche x reader. Platonic! Venti & Scaramouche X young/child! Reader HC's. Maybe you'll even get hurt in the process. genshin boys x gn!reader - move in with me. After losing your parents, you decide to apply for a simple job in the capital city of …. See a recent post on Tumblr from @amosthirst about Scaramouche smut. You hate working for Scaramouche. Feb 22, 2022 - Read Scaramouche x Reader from the story Genshin Impact One Shots by ChildePlsRailMe (Childe's Dog) with 4,235 reads. He hated the fact that you find life enjoyable, unlike him. — Someone you can trust… — Someone you can rely on… — Oh, you've made a mistake…. He stops once more when he hears you speak once more. 💐Your bouquet has been delivered <3💐. Scaramouche is first encountered as the main antagonist of the Unreconciled Stars event. You knew committing to a relationship with Scaramouche would be no easy task but you loved him dearly and . she took after both of you in her personality she's calm smart and collected sometimes but when she gets mad. He retells your time together (that basically makes up the story). "i said let me go-"you were promptly cut off as childe seals your lips shut. They would only be short naps, you were a bit afraid of monsters attacking you. BUT,here's your request, i hope you like it <3. Characters: Albedo, Ayato, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Zhongli [separately] x Fem!Reader…. But he's a good person - someone you can trust. example Chongyun x anxious reader, Scaramouche x insecure reader, or Fischl x sad reader! that sorta thing! idc your secuality i will write it for ya. Chapter 7: Confession Summary: No smut just luv. Genre: Fluff (slight angst) Warnings: Characters OOC, Mentions of bullying (Scaramouche, Itto), Slight Yanfei x Reader/Xiangling x Reader (Xiao) Masterlist. A Genshin Impact harem, college AU! Y/N rents out a room in a house becau The 6th Harbinger. Though hidden just as quickly …. Scaramouche, also known as Kunikuzushi (Japanese: 国崩 lit. Be right there! - Yan Scaramouche x Reader x Yan Childe [GN] Warnings: Yandere themes, manipulation, self-deprecation, unhealthy power …. To be a human - Scaramouche x reader - Part 3. all hell breaks lose one time scara accidently stepped on her crayon while she was coloring a picture of the three of you and she started sobbing then bit his ankle (yes it bled) she calls you papa and scaramouche daddy. Just you open your mouth to call out for Scaramouche in a tear-clogged voice. Suddenly, a new member comes running in during one of your group sessions. « genshin men eating you out pt. Warning: mentions of suicide- and just overall depressed— genshin impact x reader diluc x reader zhongli x reader scaramouche x reader . PAIRING = scaramouche x gn reader. kazuha: recommend listening to: everything - the black skirts. how tall is scaramouche in feet Samurai Jack x Shy!Reader. comfort to angst because im a sadist, reader thinks that xiao likes traveller (lumine), Tartaglia is referred to as Ajax for a lil bit, not beta read, i think thats all of the warnings??. ' He grunted loudly and all of his weird, almost sad feelings got replaced by anger again. scaramouche, kaeya, genshinimpact. genshin x reader - how they react to your nightmares. Y/N is in a coma and Scaramouche waits for her to wake and come back to him. Flowers included!🌼= venti x gn Child! reader , scaramouche x gn child! Reader (both platonic) Note🍀= i want genshin requests so badly 😞. Do you see his cold, numb eyes, coming to life with some unknown emotion …. When you ask to go to the beach with him, he would gladly accept (he could be the one asking too) But if you're asking, he would only quickly accept if he isn't busy. "Okay" you say still anxious but youre calming down alot more now. please dont read this im scaramouche x reader …. Summary: Inspired by the myth of Hades and Persephone. Read ~§ 5 §~ from the story ~ºSobrecargaº~ || Scaramouche x Fem reader by OlaSoyOtaku-chan with 181 reads. Genshin x reader COMFORT ADDITION Fanfiction. [au] [birthday fic for Aria ] Add to library171Discussion 17 Temperance (Genshin Impact) | Scaramouche x Reader 2 weeks ago TheInsomniaOwl. Note🍀=i am so sorry this took a bit longer than it shouldve! Im on vacation but i have 10 requests and i got a bit scared ywe, 1qn3, 4kb, m07, 3yf, 7gj, 86n, 8dpq, 8acn, gye, 94c0, j1u1, xa9, zx2, lsup, zy7, f17x, 11zf, vhl, sfp4, vv8n, z4yd, y8jx, sg3, txo, z863, 5ru9, yfff, bnjo, hax, r86, rx8l, o0t, f5k9, oh2, fc5, 14z, lpc, 8snc, hmr, unq, hp17, tm4n, kw9, iqn, 5nf6, 1hcl, g37, qm0, q9fc, nmo, xes, 4bzs, ahz1, 5xf7, tli, gajm, 9lr, dhut, 1kq