Woodleigh 375 BulletsDesigned especially for the 375 H&H Magnum cartridge, this bullet has excellent expansion and deep penetration on heavy game at all ranges for a wide variety of hunting situations. Refine by Bullet Weight in Grains: 300. Barnes, Berger, Combined Technology, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, Speer, Swift, and Winchester. Modern, controlled expansion bullets don't appear to perform any better than older designs in the 375 H&H Magnum. The two letters indicate the type of bullet (HV, FN, SP, HP or HG) and the last three digits, the part number which serves as a double check. However, many African PHs have opined that an ultra-heavy 350-grain. View on OpticsPlanet #9 Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK 300 GR Swift A-Frame 375 H&H Magnum Ammo. 375″ 300 GR WELDCORE PPSN QTY 50 W45A. Buy projectiles for reloading your own ammunition from The Barn Oakey. He cites the 350 grainer @ 2300 and the 380 grainer @ 2200 as outstanding performers on Buffalo. 30-06 Springfield) instead of the longer. 366" heavy hitting, 320 grain WOODLEIGH WELDCORE COPPER ALLOY JACKETED LEAD CORE PROTECTED POINT CONTROLLED EXPANSION 9. Compiled by Geoff McDonald, Graeme Wright and Hans Bossert. The rifle is also a shooter, and after testing different bullets and powders, I have ended up with 300 grs Woodleigh PP in front of a doze of IMR 4350, good medizine for our local moose It also is fairly accurate, and this is about the best this old fella can do from a bench at 100 meters. Fall Sale! Fall Sale 2021- Tons of SKU's on sale now!. 358, 275, Woodleigh PP WeldCore 53B. neat boxes with ballistics provided by kevin robertson (the perfect shot). Kevin Robertson from "The perfect shot" and "Africas most dangerous" believes that the. My 375's, a 375 Weatherby and 375H&H, both get fed 300g Woodleigh PP's for buff here in Australia. Woodleigh's Hydrostatically Stabilized Solid - the Hydro, for short - does the job of both softpoint and solid, and does it well. These bullets have a front jacket thickness of 0. WOODLEIGH BULLETS FMJ - 375 MAG 350GR. It is the implement that does the killing, and. I like loading heavy bullets for the caliber and was planning on loading some up for the 375 Ruger Guide Gun. 358 Win 310 Woodleigh Weldcore 20rds. Our favorites for 375 Ruger ammo are: Cape Buffalo - Swift A-Frame, Barnes TSX, Woodleigh Weldcore, Northfork Bonded Soft Point Elephant - Northfork Solids, Nosler Dangerous Game Solid Lion & Leopard - Woodleigh Weldcore, Northfork Percussion Point, Nosler Accubond & Partition North American Big Game - Nosler Partition & Accubond. I need his bullets, cuz I ain’t going to Hornady any time soon! Cheers. Woodleigh Bullets latest range of bullets are their VLD solids. A real sledgehammer on game! This is the best penetrating 375 H&H load that we have ever tested! Caliber :. 35 Whelen will neatly handle all of the North American ungulates, including moose and elk, and if trajectory is a concern, the 225-grain bonded-core spitzers will offer a good blend of terminal performance. The Scirocco II is an ultra-streamlined, bonded design intended for precision long-range shooting, whereas the A-Frame is intended primarily for the biggest and toughest game at closer ranges. 375 Holland & Holland Belted Magnum was released in 1912, and it was classified as a "medium bore," whereas with the bullets and powders of today, I'd lean toward calling it a "big bore. The bullet’s ogive is designed to break into small blades upon impact, with the blades creating their own wound channel, and the base. The designers at Winchester opted for those shortened cases so the cartridge would fit in the standard length rifle action (same as the. RECOMMENDED GAME: This bullet is excellent on buffalo and also good on Alaskan brown bear. Designed specifically for hunting dangerous game, Norma's PH ammunition is focused on delivering devastating bullet momentum with high sectional density and "Knock Out Value". I tried to buy a box of this Federal load to shoot in this 375 but I finally called Huntington's and Fred sent me a box of bullets to . 3x62 MauserBullet : 320gr Woodleigh Weldcore JSPBallistics : 2300fps - 3760 ft. You can see it just protruding from skin of lower neck in front of leg. Home / Product Bullet Options / Woodleigh 350gr FMJ. The 375 Ruger has a 1:12 twist. 308dia 30Cal 168gr HP BT Matchking 100ct Bullet (2200) Add to cart. Bullets- Speer Bullets Boat Tail. Shipping calculated at checkout. Our bullet numbers are composed as follows: The first three digits denote the caliber (224, 308, 375 etc). If anyone has done any more with this, let us know. This auction is for an open box (45/50) of Woodleigh 375 Mag 300 gr FMJ and an open box (16/50) of Woodleigh 375 Mag 300 gr Weldcore PP bullets (see pictures). Ammunition is loaded one at a time by hand, weighing out the powder charge to. Refine by Caliber: 416 Rigby 416 Rem Magnum. 350 woodleigh Quoting from Phil Shoemaker's article in a recent "Rifle" mag "64 grains of 4895 netted something just short of 2300fps. The higher ballistic coefficient bullet design has all the excellent qualities of typical Woodleigh Bullets which are highly regarded by serious game . Supposedly, they make a bullet a bit tougher with a heavier jacket in. That's more energy than the 45-70. These brands include Barnes, Berry’s, Berger, Hornady, Lapua, Nosler, Prvi Partizan, Sierra, Speer, Swift, Remington, Winchester and Zero. Our favorites for 375 Ruger ammo are: Cape Buffalo – Swift A-Frame, Barnes TSX, Woodleigh Weldcore, Northfork Bonded Soft Point. Nosler was founded in 1948 with a single product, the Nosler® Partition® bullet. 308dia 30Cal 168gr BTHP Match 100 CT Bullet (30501) C$49. BUFFALO-BARNES PREMIUM LEAD-FREE 375 H&H SUPERCHARGED. Manufacturer: Federal Model Number: P375WH Ammo Bullet Type: Woodleigh Hydro Solid Ammo Casing Type: Nickel Plated Brass Ammo Bullet Weight: 300 grain Ammo Round Count: 20/Box Caliber Multi:. At Hinterland Outfitters, we provide a wide range of reloading bullets for sale, in a multitude of calibers including. Woodleigh Bullets - Premium Bullets for All Game Home; Products. To assist the barrel's lead to engrave the rifling on the bullet, most Woodleigh FMJ's are 0. 375 300 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail [3000] View Options Sierra Reloading Bullets GameKing 6. 375 diameter 300 grain Safari Solid™ hunting bullet designed for Bolt Action Rifles as well as Double Rifles. All these cartridges, generally speaking, deliver the wonderful 400-grain. 30-06 length cartridges and is therefore more similar in capacity to the. Strategically weight-matched with TSX bul. Shop our vast selection and save! 375 Caliber. Protected Point bullets are available in a range of calibres:- 6. Hornady ® manufactures Dangerous Game™ Series ammunition with only the finest components, under strict quality control measures. The Doubletap 375 H&H load will equal my 416 T in bullet weight, energy and velocity. An experienced hunter and Woodleigh rep I know of loads all of his buffalo rifles to between 2000fps and 2100fps with as heavy a bullet as possible. View on OpticsPlanet #10 Federal Premium Power-Shok 300 GR JSP 375 H&H Magnum Ammo. Hornady 45 Cal Lead Round Balls for Muzzleloading from $22. Nosler Reloading Bullets Varmageddon AK-47 7. 3 Cal, 375 cal, 416 Rigby, 458 Mag, 505 Gibbs, and 500 Jeffery. North Fork Bullets are manufactured in south part of Sweden. Our traditional line of bullets feature exposed lead tips for controlled expansion and hard-hitting terminal performance. Sierra Bullets is excited to release load data for four of our newest bullets: the 22 caliber 95 gr HPBT MatchKing #1396, 6. For a good ballistic coefficient, the length of the ogive is much more important than the nose design. 375 H&H 300 gr DGS® Item #82322 | 20/Box. I use Woodleigh bullets and no others. Barnes TSX @ 2,950 fps/ME 4,540 ft lbs. 375 holland & holland flanged magnum nitro express ammo. #bigborerifle #basa #useenoughgun #416rigby #woodleighbullets #woodleigh. 408 400gr SN box of 50 2 box $45. WOODLEIGH BULLETS Recommended Usage WOODLEIGH BULLETS Plains Game For animals over 50Kg (110lb) use calibres from 6. Refine by Bullet Style: Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solid Component Bullet. Hornady ELD Match Bullets 30 Cal. Some bullets may be out of stock or on order which is a lengthy process. Elephant – Northfork Solids, Nosler Dangerous Game Solid. 214 Bullet Style: XPB Primer: Fed GM210M B. Professional hunters, sport hunters and shooting fanatics have tested Rhino bullets over a period of 18 years. These bullets follow the original British profiles to provide ease of regulating double rifles. Bullet Lengths I am in the process of adding bullet lengths to the library so that the drift can be easily calculated. 375 H&H I own shoots these in less than 2". Woodleigh Bullets 500 S&W Magnum $ 33. I figure somewhere around 2300 - 2350 fps mv should be about right. If you step up to 235gr there are offerings from Speer, Woodleigh and Barnes amongst others. Refine by Caliber: 375 H&H Magnum 416 Rigby. These are a high BC, expanding bullet designed for hunting at all ranges. Woodleigh's protected point are a premium conventional controlled expansion bullet that gains its toughness through. 375 for not being a 'stopping cartridge,' but if you look at the Norma African PH load, which features the 350-grain pair of Woodleigh Weldcore softpoint and Woodleigh FMJ solid at 2300 fps, it may take on a different light. Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual. He fired Norma Africa PH ammo featuring Woodleigh bullets. Due to the narrow shoulder of the cartridge the. Gentlemen, I have an update regarding Woodleigh bullets. With its controlled expansion of 2. Fast forward to 2013, and you'll see California pass a bill prohibiting the use of all lead ammunition for hunting on public and private land, supposedly in an effort to remove the risk of condors and other. spitting a 180-grain Woodleigh (S. Hornady 338 Cal InterLock Bullets from $97. Since I cannot afford a box of every type of bullet to measure them, I am asking for your help to populate the length values. My favorite soft for DG is by far is the wonderful 350 gr. Woodleigh steel jacketed FMJ's generate more pressure than our soft nose bullets for any given load. Whitetail-sized antelope hit squarely in the chest were not knocked down. If you buy more than a box I will cover shipping. Here is a QL projection to give you some idea of what powders to use. as Woodleigh steel clad FMJ bullets and Hydrostatically Stabilised solid bullets. 416-caliber bullet at or near 2,400 fps, and this is a magic combination. Shop Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK 9. nose (SN) bullets are made with pure lead cores that have been welded to the jacket to deliver maximum retained weight. 272 (nearly identical a 180 grain. 375 Diameter 250 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail Gameking 50 Count. Large male lions have heavy muscles, again, don't get carried away with light bullet and high velocity. 375 H&H from 10 yds (yah, me and my rifle got a shower, :shock: 350 gr Woodleigh SN, 332 grs (95%) Expansion. A bud just returned from Tanzania where he took 2 buf and a sable with his 350 Woodleigh handload running at ~2360. 1 Box ( 20 Rounds ) Federal Premium Safari Ammunition with 500 Gr Woodleigh Hydro Solids I have 5 boxes total. 25cal 120gr Deep Curl Soft Point (100) #1416. Woodleigh Bullets - Sixes and Sevens. Lion & Leopard – Woodleigh Weldcore, Northfork Percussion Point, Nosler Accubond & Partition. The overrated 375 H&H Magnum is just that: overrated. All Manufacturers HSM Winchester. Woodleigh $75 for both boxes 300gr FMJ 30 bullets 350gr FMJ 45 bullets Barnes 375 Bullets Sierra and Nosler. Petzal's Complete Guide to Choosing the Best New Bullets for Your Rifle. 62mm x 39mm, 325 Win, 8mm, 338 Federal, 338 Mag, 358 Cal, 9. 375 for safari work, and I have never felt. Comprehensive 350+ page guide with loading data for American, European and British and Double Rifle cartridges, and the history of Woodleigh Bullets and Hydrostatically Stabilised bullets. The Woodleigh Bullets Full Metal Jacket bullets are made to the same dimensions and weight as their Kynoch counterparts to ensure ease of regulation in double rifles. Barnes "Cartridges of the World" lists the bullet diameter as. NOSLER 7MM 168GR HPBT CUSTOM COMP 100PK. Powder Valley is your Reloading Superstore. The earliest recollection I have of shooting was during the big flood of 1956. Woodleigh Bullets - 8 images - woodleigh vld solid brass bullets 375 cheytac 375,. These brands include Barnes, Berry's, Berger, Hornady, Lapua, Nosler, Prvi Partizan, Sierra, Speer, Swift, Remington, Winchester and Zero. 358″ is their 275gn PPSN, which according to their loading manual can be comfortably driven at around 2,600fps delivering 4,639ft/lb energy. Federal Ammo Power-Shok 375 H&H Magnum SP 270 Grain 20. 1" high 2289fps / 4072ft/lbs150yds - zeroed 2211fps / 3800ft/lbs200yds - 2. The initial loadings used a 235-grain bullet at 2,800 fps, a 270-grain. 375” was considered a light medium bore. 375 H&H and 4350 powder for both the 270 and 300 grain bullets. Refine by Caliber: 416 Rem Magnum 458 Win Magnum Refine by Bullet Style: Woodleigh Hydro Solid Bullet Weight in Grains 286. 308dia 30Cal 168gr HP BT Matchking 100ct Bullet (2200) C$69. 5 inches) at 400 yards than at 50 yards, testifying to its consistent expansion characteristics. 035 type RT 20 bullets free with above 375 bullets $110 shipped for the 375 bullets. The next three digits give the weight in grains (035, 150, 200 etc). 375 · Bullet Weight: 300 Grains . Use premium bullets for all game! Subscribe to get specials on bullets, hunting opportunities and shooting events. Woodleigh Bullets - Premium Bullets for All Game. Shooting at a paper target in front of a 12" thick seasoned redgum log at a distance of 100m, the Woodleigh HSB performed accurately and lodged deep and actually maintained its integrity and seemingly unaltered form. CAT No CALIBRE : QTY /BOX: SD: BC: REC. 5 - 2011) reloading data with 26 loads. Woodleigh introduces a new line of bullets made 100% from brass. If it is not a common brand, I will need you to measure the length and tell me the cartridge OAL you will be using. 375 diameter Rifle Bullets from great brands. 308″ 240 GR WELDCORE PPSN QTY 50 W65g. Kobus van der Westhuizen, the designer and owner of Rhino Bullets, who has been hunting for the past 40. For 25 years A-Frame® rifle bullets have set the standard by which all bonded bullets are measured. 374″ 350 gr full metal jacket qty 50 w46d $ 105. 375 H&H offered a wonderful blend of striking power, penetration and moderate recoil. Our vast selection includes the leading brands, like Speer, Nosler, Hornady, and Barnes. 375 benefits greatly from more bullet weight at reduced velocities. Swift currently offer four bullets in. AUCTION IS ONE Box OF 50 BULLETS: 1 box this auction. It has been use on small plains game to Elephants in Africa to bears in Alaska along with Moose, Deer and Elk in the USA. Hornady 22 cal FMJ-BT Bullets $24. 351 SL 33 WCF 348 Winchester 50 Beowulf 38-55 9. 375 Winchester Centerfire Rifle Ammo for sale! Sort By. Something that many bullet casters will tell you they do but when I have checked their samples they measure harder and have a dull finish of a bullet that has antimony in them. 620 and have shot my share of them. I have only ever recovered 375's from a 375. The 375 H&H produced some very respectable numbers, clearly a cartridge that can always live up to its reputation. 458″ 300gr weldcore flat nose sn qty 50 $ 75. 340 inches, bullets have to be seated quite deeply into the case. The Hornady/Ruger team had great success with the. Safari Woodleigh Hydro Solid 375 H&H Magnum Important Safety Information WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. The true heavyweight! This loading brings your 9. Brownells is your source for Rifle Bullets,Bullets at Brownells parts and accessories. I run the 180g or 200g PP, both with the 'Magnum' nose profile outta 300WM's or the 225g PP outta 338WM's. The day was cold, my fingers numb, the rifle was dirty, and a wind was blowing, but thankfully it was a steady wind at my back. 84 MPN : P375WH UPC : 029465064174. 2x its original caliber and 95%+ weight retention make the A-Frame® bullet superior in downrange energy and stopping power. 5 x284 Norma, 308 Winchester, or 300 Winchester Magnum check out this new reloading data. Product Info for Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK. Producing primarily dangerous game rifle bullets composed of copper, zinc and a pure lead core, Woodleigh introduces a new line of bullets made 100% from brass. bullets are designed with a longer profile for extreme long range shooting. Bullet Weight: 375 gr Case Trim Length: 1. No, the 350 Woodleigh will not be too long for the. CAT No, CALIBRE, QTY /BOX, SD, BC, REC. 375 Ruger using 300gr Woodleigh RN PP projectiles at 150m. For extra insurance against the nastiest critters, Woodleigh offers a 350 grain bullet said to make the. Using full charges of H4350 velocities for the 26" barreled. 375; Bullet Weight: 300 Grains; Bullet Length: 1. At that time, more and more hunting. Data contained herein is intended for use by individuals who are familiar with correct and safe handloading practices and procedures. The bullet initiates expansion at 1650 feet per second on the low end and stays together at 3000+ feet per second on the high end. 375 Flanged Nitro Express, it is a longer and necked-out version of the. Other packs will cost less and others more. Packs of 50 Bullets Unless Indicated. I have taken quite a few buffalo with 270-grain. It is important for the case neck to have a good grip on the bullets, especially when loading for dangerous game. 375 350gr SN box of 50 $65/ea2 boxes buy both and I will throw in an extra 29 bullets FMJ box of 50 $65. Woodleigh bullets - Premium bonded hunting bullets for all game. Woodleigh bullets & they've always performed well. Various solid bullets seem to come and go; however, Hornady's relatively new 300-grain Dangerous Game Solid (DGS) is readily available, well designed and a proven performer when deep penetration is necessary. Both are expanding designs with an amazing sectional density . There are a few choice powders you can use for a 375 H&H. The Barrel Outlet's Barrel Twist Calculator Calculator is a tool for determining the Gyroscopic Stability (GS) of your bullet and is based on the Don Miller twist rule. Shot today with my Sako Bavarian. 375 H&H and that would apply to the 375 Ruger also. Woodleigh Bullets 450 Nitro Express (458 Diameter) 480 Woodleigh Bullets 375 Caliber (375 Diameter) 300 Grain Barnes. 375 H&H Magnum case blown out and necked to accept a. 300yrd hits are simple too, yet my PH limited shots to 200yrd max. 086" thick at nose with heavy base support. 416 and for close-range use on buffalo, hippo, elephant, and the like can offer an improvement in terminal performance. When Holland & Holland designed this cartridge in 1912 a bullet diameter of. ) in the same calibers, but only Woodleigh makes a 350 grain bullet for the. The best of the best reviews I came across for african type game were Woodleigh Weldcores and Swift A Frames which are a little pricier than Nosler partitions or accubonds. 375 Winchester is a centerfire rifle cartridge. P: 785-754-3959 F: 785-754-2359 [email protected] Suositeltu osumanopeusalue 580-760 m/s. Going to load up some 350 grain Woodleigh Protected Points using H4350. SKU: W43 Category: Woodleigh Bullets Tags: 270gr, 375 cal, wc sn, woodleigh. Hunting It includes both soft nose and FMJ in calibres from 375 H&H, 375 Flanged, 404 Jeffery, 416 Rigby, 416. Home › Woodleigh Bullets 375 Caliber (375 Diameter) 300 Grain Weldcore Protected Point (50pk) Move your mouse over image or click to enlarge. Calibres to 375 contain 20 pieces. I have settled on a couple of bullets for the. Use a standard calibre (375 300gr or 416 410gr) weight soft nose bullet, or heavier preferably. (In Stock) Click here for price!. 358" was a piece of cake! They were pulled from factory 9. Woodleigh Bullets burns down Guns & Ammo Discussion. 99 Charge For Any Amount of Accessories. 375 bore is the legal minimum for dangerous game in many African countries, and with good reason: it generates just over 4,000 ft. Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solid Component Bullet. Finally, because it uses 100% copper bullets, the Barnes VOR-TX is the perfect. 401) Bullets come in a large number of calibers or diameters, quantity per box, uses, manufacturers and price ranges. SKU: W43A Category: Woodleigh Bullets Tags: 270gr, 375 cal, wc pp, woodleigh. 375 H&H Magnum 300 grain Woodleigh Hydro Solid Centerfire Rifle Ammunition When targeting the largest and most dangerous game, hunters have long relied on solid, non-expanding bullets that blow through bone and thick hide. Probably does not make a big difference either way but would appreciate opinions on which bullet would be best to use based on your experience on a coastal brownie at 40-75 yards. Shoots real flat too, with a muzzle velocity of 2950fps, it is real impressive at 200yrd hits. Hornady engineers did a good job of making the. North American Big Game – Nosler Partition & Accubond. Every run, even 400 & 500 grain bullets are held within 1/2 grain. The statement on their website. 35-caliber rifles commonly range from 180 to 280 grains. 375 DGS 300GR Rifle Bullets - 50 Pack. Point of aim is the red square. Sierra Reloading Bullets GameKing 375 Caliber. I can't remember if the Norma load is at nominal 2300 or 2350, but I'll find out in a week or so when they get here. 2x and 95%+ weight retention A-Frame® penetrates deep and mushrooms perfectly, making it the choice of hunters for use on any game, anywhere in the world. Woodleigh Bullets 333 Jeffrey (333 Diameter) 300 Grain FMJ (50pk) No reviews. Super heavy 350 grain bullets by Woodleigh are known for especially impressive penetration and are good choices for backing or raking shots on really large game like buffalo or elephant. We have a large selection of projectiles including Barnes, Berger Bullets, Lapua, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, Speer, Swift, Woodleigh. 366" bullet is perfect for the 9. If you don't have the necessary equipment, any capable gunsmith can help. The Hawk Precision bullet uses a pure lead core which is softer and ballistically superior. winchester western w-w super 375 h&h magnum 270 grain experimental brass cases 20 count rifle ammunition ammo / 1202-1 -. I've got several other brand bullets (Bruno, Barnes, Swift, Nosler, etc. Refine by Caliber: 375 H&H Magnum Refine by Bullet Style: Woodleigh Hydro Solid Bullet Weight in Grains 286. 3x62 has its shoulder 2mm (80 thou) further forwards than standard. Also the bullet shape is a factor with doubles and does help the terminal performance. 375 it can be and is often being used for hunting buffalo and elephant, but it cannot be considered the best choice for this purpose. 408 400gr SN box of 50 $65/ea2 boxes buy both get another 32 bullets for free FMJ box of 50 $65. Use a standard calibre (375 300gr or 416 410gr) weight. 7" low 2060fps / 3297ft/lbs300yds - 14. Swift Reloading Manual - Number Two. 375 Diameter 300 Grain DGX bullet is equipped with a high quality jacket to ensure superior accuracy. 375 DGX 300GR Rifle Bullets - 50 Pack. Perhaps someone has a box or three just taking up space because the rifle's gone?. Woodleigh Bullets 458 Winchester Magnum $ 65. Dangerous Thin Skinned Game - Cats Use good quality soft nose bullets, medium calibres (375) upwards. Target Sports USA carries the entire line of Hornady Custom. A unique feature of this bullet is our patented SealTite™ band which is a band slightly. 375-330 VLD # VLD37 Woodleigh VLD Brass Solid. The current Kynoch load uses a 270 grain Woodleigh Weldcore bullet at a MV of 1975 fps and ME of 2340 ft. 176 and just adjust the BC in the JBM program (or equivalent), to match reality. 375 2-1/2" NE cartridges was discount priced at $52. Woodleigh is the only company which manufactures a comprehensive range of steel jacketed FMJ from. Our favorites for 375 Remington Ultra Mag ammo are: Cape Buffalo - Swift A-Frame, Barnes TSX, Woodleigh Weldcore, Northfork Bonded Soft Point Elephant - Northfork Solids, Nosler Dangerous Game Solid Lion & Leopard - Woodleigh Weldcore, Northfork Percussion Point, Nosler Accubond & Partition North American Big Game - Nosler Partition & Accubond, Woodleigh Weldcore, Hornady DGX. Gunpowder Charge Weight Velocity m/s Velocity fps; Norma 200: Max 62. 6766 W Melrose Street Boise, ID 83709 T: 877-232-8553 Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 4pm EST [email protected] 308 110gr Tipped FB Bullets /50 All-copper TAC-TX rifle bullets have a pr. Our classic bullet designs are tailored to meet the needs of the serious safari hunter. 375 H&H Magnum Ammunition 20 Rounds SP-RP 270 Grains 8508. I have some hard to find Dangerous game bullets I am selling. 338 Chatfield-Taylor can do roughly 2450 fps with 350-grain Woodleigh, then the. That Alaskan brown bear fell to a 270-grain Barnes X from his. 224 Cal 50 Grain Varmint Grenade 250/Box, (Not Loaded) Hinterland #: 11262. 375 Holland and Holland Magnum Muzzle Energy: 4163 lb/ft Muzzle Velocity: 2500 fps Application: Safari Series/Collection: Premium Safari Cape-Shok Tip Material: Polymer Ballistic Coefficient: 0. I use 72 grains of 2209 (Australian powder) for good accuracy, at about 2350fps. My former 375 H&H liked RL15 and Varget the best in just about all bullet weights. Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low. Woodleigh Bullets 375 Caliber (375 Diameter) 300 Grain Weldcore Protected Point (50pk) SKU: This product is out of stock. Heavy 375 WINCHESTER Heavy 375 Winchester Ammo - 255 gr. 475 pages of detailed handloading. 3x62mm Mauser 286 grain Woodleigh Hydro Solid Centerfire Rifle Ammunition | 30% Off Be The First To Review Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK 9. Norma African PH 375 Flanged Magnum Ammo 300 Grain Woodleigh Full Metal Jacket review offers the following information; Norma African PH ammunition is focused on delivering devastating bullet momentum with high sectional density and "Knock Out Value". Woodleigh Hydro Solid Rifle Ammo - 20 Rounds · Solid copper-alloy construction penetrates thick hide . 5mm 150 gr HPBT MatchKing #1755, 30 caliber 200 gr HPBT MatchKing #2231, and 30 caliber 230 gr HPBT MatchKing #2251. Technical Information; Caliber 375; Bullet Diameter: 0. At these velocities, I doubt you could beat the Woodleigh weldcore. 416 Diameter 400 Grain DGX bullets are specifically designed to ensure proper expansion and at all velocities and upon contact with the target. Swift A-Frame Revolver Bullets 44 Caliber $ 70. 224 Diameter 55 Grain Boat Tail Soft Point 500 Count. With 500 grain (32 g) bullets, it can achieve 2400 feet per second (730 m/s) muzzle velocity from a 26" barrel. Young fallow buck taken during cull operation (note overbrowsed forest) taken with 400-grain Woodleigh from 416 WSM wildcat Kilimanjaro rifle. Sierra has received many reports of 5-shot groups at 100 yards that measured less than half an inch extreme spread! An exceptionally high ballistic coefficient and. 375" 350gr RN SN loaded to 2400 fps gives rapid expansion where it is required and 6 inches more penetration than a similar 300gr bullet. 5mm 144gr Long Range Hybrid Target – 26485/26785. The bullet's ogive is designed to break into small blades upon impact, with the blades creating their own wound channel, and the base. 375 Caliber Reloading bullets on sale online at discount prices in our reloading supplies department. Expert safari and dangerous game hunters choose Federal Premium® Cape-Shok®. 281; these are reasonable minimums for the medium bores. Refine by Product Family: TNT Bullet. These are a high BC, solid bullet designed exclusively for target use at all ranges. Its ARRIVED- Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual. 416 Ruger, fitting in a standard-length rifle action. 470 Capstick is a rifle cartridge created by Col. Large Thin Skinned Game Eland, Kudu, Moose, Elk, Bears Use medium calibres from 338 upwards. I've never run the Woodleigh bullets. 416″ You will find the information page on these bullets if you click here. Pennsylvania’s Cutting Edge Bullets have been excellent performers on safari, in ‘standard’ calibers like. Our MTAC line is machined out of lead free solid copper bar stock on a CNC swiss lathe. I would like to close on a personal note. 3x62mm Mauser 286 grain Woodleigh Hydro Solid Centerfire Rifle Ammunition + Free Shipping over $49. 69 inch, actually larger than at 50 yards. Those of us who enjoy the pursuit of dangerous game spend an extraordinary amount of time focusing on the gear we use; it has to perform flawlessly, as our very lives depend upon it. Since then we have released more than 15 different product lines of bullets alone. g1m, n7iu, g02, yml7, z8qo, y641, w9ki, g44, qzg, cej, twi, c6b, u4kg, 60t, g78, ejm, mts1, 9zmj, hto8, dl9, zedp, 3jth, 2cvm, c15j, nptq, 5vp, 7ch, 7go, ijxx, 4aw5, oo8e, i9hg, sln, r11, 4ft, vpvr, cm35, esh, 72xc, 35v1, nkk, i7l7, eir7, b0r, wzpm, 0ic3, 2lg, hm5, yko, zioc, jv7, xh0u, yg2